1 - Right Place, Right Time

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Luke 13
10. One Sabbath as he was teaching in a synagogue,
11. he saw a seriously handicapped woman who had been bent double for eighteen years and was unable to straighten herself.
12. Calling her over to him Jesus said, "Woman, you are healed of your sickness!"
13. He touched her, and instantly she could stand straight. How she praised and thanked God!
Living Bible

One thing Jesus did a great deal of during His public ministry was to teach. The gospel of Matthew tells us that His pattern was to teach, preach and heal wherever He went.

We know that healing gets rid of diseases. We know that preaching brings the listener to the place where they can make a decision about an issue, one way or the other.

However, Jesus taught so that He could dispel lies about God and replace them with the truth.The reason why He taught in the synagogue, was because many truths about God had got mixed up with the human religious traditions, and many people were getting their priorities wrong.

Many of them believed that ancestral traditions were more important than the principles of God. That is a dangerous place to be in, because then you too easily lose sight of God.

While He was teaching the truths about God in the synagogue, He saw a seriously handicapped woman who had been bent double for eighteen years.
Why would such a woman be in church?

It must have taken great effort for her to get herself there. And once there, she certainly would find it very difficult to take part in the worship or even see the One who was teaching. It must have been equally difficult for Jesus to have seen her because she could not straighten herself at all.

However, this woman was in God's right place at God's right time and this made her eligible to receive her healing.
What about you?

Are you putting yourself in the place where God can be sure that you are serious about Him?

Father, today I want to be in the place You want me to be, at the time You want me to be there.
I want that to be the guiding principle in my life today,
in Jesus' name,